Jo Perkins

The truth about me is I never thought I would be a wife or mother, but these two roles have given meaning to my life far beyond any other goal, job, or accomplishment in my life.  I do work full time in public education, which means I truly run on Jesus and coffee. I am a really curious person who always cuts the small talk — I thrive on deep conversations, even over text.  I process the world in words, so connecting with TtT is such a blessing in my life; this community shamelessly seeks grace and peace by sharing truth. It lets light in; I need more light. My trust circle is small but wonderful.  My house is always a little bit messy, and I’m not the greatest cook. How did moms survive before Google and YouTube tutorials? God has been teaching me to slow down and savor each moment of our life authentically and without apology.  I am learning more these days how life on Earth is short and meant to be spent in generosity, belly laughs, and genuine connection with people. I hope my husband and I are teaching our young son to be kind, funny, and thoughtful. My prayer is that when he thinks of his mama he is reminded to always keep Love in his heart.