Child DVDs

    • Gigi God’s Princess by Sheila Walsh
      • After my daughter begged to ask Frozen for the hundredth time and we had conversations about deep themes, I decided we needed to watch something with subjects I want reinforced. Enter Gigi God’s Princess. It is a cute cartoon DVD series (and books) about a girl who has a spunky personality and I love how Christian principles and Bible verses are weaved into the storyline.
    • Superbook by CBN
      • These are for slightly older children (my 3 and 5 year olds love them), but I think early elementary students would like them too.  You might remember them from your childhood as they are remade from the ‘80’s, but they are much improved.  Once disclaimer, preview before watching with your kids.  There are some scenes that might be scary to younger kids. They also have an app that is really good for reinforcing what the DVD’s teach.
    • The Praise Baby Collection DVDs (Features Various Artists)
      • These DVDs are similar to Baby Einstein, but all of the visuals are set to Praise and Worship music.  From 6 months-18 months, my girls were completely entranced by the calming music and stimulating video footage; when my oldest was sick in the middle of the night, Praise Baby was the only thing that would calm her down and even better, both my girls still know the words to the Worship songs.