Elementary/Tween Books

    • Bible Belles (Hannah, Esther, Abigail)
      • This is a book series aimed at young girls  (ages 4-10) highlighting different women in the Bible that they named “Bible Belles”. We haven’t yet read these stories but I am putting them on our Christmas list because I love this concept!
    • Siblings: You’re Stuck with Each Other, So Stick Together by James J. Crist Ph.D. and Elizabeth Verdick
          • I love this book because it’s written just for her age group, it’s full of pictures, and it validates her feelings while giving her advice at the same time. Best for ages 8-12
  • The Care and Keeping of YOU by Valorie Schaefer
    • This book is for tween girls when you are ready to teach them about their bodies. It talks about how to care good care of your body, starting at your head (hair care) and going down to your toes. In the middle, it discusses puberty. I read it with my oldest daughter in the summer before fifth grade. It does not go into sex yet — just the body. It was honest, but not intimidating. The puberty topics are cushioned nicely by the “lighter” chapters around them. The only chapter that made her a bit nervous was on tampons. Now, there is also a book 2 for older girls.
    • The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells
      • I had the opportunity to listen to Brian Wells speak to our Youth Writing Camp about writing this book and the students loved listening to his stories. I read this book in two days during nap times and really enjoyed the suspense as well as Biblical and historical references. He also has more resources for parents and teachers on his website.