Mom Products

    • Bloom Daily Planner- Passion/Goal OrganizerThis is the best planner I’ve used yet! It allows me to keep everything in one place – To Do lists, notes, contacts, calendar planning, and goal setting.
    • Qalo RingsMy husband wears these 100% of the time. I have one myself for days when my fingers are too swollen for normal rings (ahh pregnancy), playing at the beach/pool, gardening, making playdough, etc. They are cheap, soft, and basically unbreakable.
    • Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo: Because some days you don’t have time for a shower but need to look presentable! ? I love the smell of this dry shampoo and that it blends into my hair without making it look gray!
    • EO Body Oil: I love this oil for my stressed-out skin when I was pregnant. It prevented stretch marks and allowed my skin to get some relief. The relaxing lavender helps soothe the mind as well. Now that I am not pregnant anymore, I still use it for massages and dry winter-time skin issues.
    • Teething Necklace for Mom: I did not ever have a teething necklace but my sister-in-law did and if I have any more babies, you better believe I will be asking for one! I will never forget the one time by six-month-old baby was playing the necklace I was wearing and pulled too hard a million beads crashed to the floor. I wish that I would have had this necklace!
    • Trades of Hope: I fell in love with this company pretty much the second I heard about it! Trades of Hope sells beautiful jewelry, purses, and home decor that is made by women around the world who are living in poverty.  Aside from all of the products being beautiful and completely unique (think beads made out of cereal boxes and t-shirts, pieces of glass from the Red Sea, etc.), women are being freed from human trafficking, providing for their families, and being empowered to live a life of dignity through the sales of these products.  Shopping and making a difference? That’s a win, win in my book. 🙂

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Health Products*

    • Essential Oils: I don’t know where I would be in my motherhood if I didn’t have access to essential oils! That sounds a little dramatic but I use them for almost everything: cuts and scraps, seasonal issues, sleep, ear infections, relaxation, perfume, monthly issues for mama…the list goes on and on.
    • Essential Oil Diffuser: Speaking of Essential Oils, this is the diffuser my sister-in-law loves to diffuse oils in the air when her kiddos are sick or need to sleep.
    • Juice Plus+: Not only do my husband and I take Juice Plus+ and have felt healthier and stronger, both our girls take the chewable versions of Juice Plus+ now (and beg for them each morning!). I love that I am flooding their bodies (and mine) with 20 fruits and vegetables every day.
    • Plexus: A health and wellness line of supplements that works on three key areas: blood sugar balance, inflammation, and a healthy gut. Those three things are responsible for a host of health issues. Plexus helped me kick my sugar addiction as well as remedied some pooping issues ?and eczema problems for my little ones.  

*Of course we recommend verifying these products with your doctor before using them but we couldn’t leave out some of our favorite health products that have led to greater health for our kids and us mamas.