Toddler Books

    • No No, Yes Yes by Leslie Patricelli,
      • My kids all loved this book and it made them laugh, but also, it teaches that there are good choices and bad choices. I could refer to it in real life. Honestly, all of Patricelli’s books are great! They are also good for pre- readers to read to younger siblings because they can be memorized easily. All of our copies of these books are nearly taped back together because we’ve read them so much.
    • Five-Minute Devotionals for Children
      • These are great for the 3-7 year olds.  We read them at the beginning or the end of dinner time.  We liked both the animal devotionals and the bible stories.  
    • Bedtime Devotions with Jesus: My daily devotional with kids
      • These are great short devotionals that teach God’s Truth in a way that is simple and easy for children to understand.  Each day gives a Scripture, a story/explanation that relates to children, and a prayer at the end.