Toddler Products

  • OK to Wake! Clock: Let’s just say that this clock has saved my sanity more times than I can count. When my toddler started climbing out of her crib and getting out of bed, we bought this clock and told her she could not get out of her room until the clock turned green. Of course it is not fool-proof, but it has been a wonderful boundary and has taught her how to be patient while she waits for it to turn green. (Honest truth: we do have days where she could care less about the whether the clock is green and comes out of her room. That’s another story for another day.)
  • Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray: I LOVE this hand antibacterial because it gives a super light spritz of fresh smelling sanitizer- I can spray my girls hands and then they can dig right into their snack without me cringing at the possibility of them getting a big icky taste of alcohol saturated gel. I would spray people head to toe in this stuff if I could!  
  • MagnaTiles: They are pricey but they give hours of fun to my kids!
  • Joie Piggy Wiggy Timer We used this for potty training reminders, but it could be used for a  variety of purposes!
  • Happy Nappy Baby and Toddler Swim Diaper Cover: Great for the pool, or to keep your child from messing with their diaper if you have a sensory kiddo like mine!