Remembering to Pray for Our Teachers

I was a teacher and director for several years. I know the energy, courage, time, sacrifice, creativity, and perseverance it takes to teach well.? Many of you know it, too.

And yet, when it comes to back-to-school, and even throughout the school year, I can get super-focused? on praying only for my kids.

But yikes, please don’t let me forget to pray for their leaders too!? These are the people who are guiding my kids, not only in their academics, but potentially their future careers, their attitudes, and their character!? These are the other adults who will speak into my child’s life over the next year.

On Friday mornings, the TtT team meets early to pray.? Tomorrow, we’ll dedicate that time to pray for the teachers and leaders in our kids’ schools.? Comment below with the name of your teachers or school, and we’ll be sure to include them in our prayers!

Want to pray on your own too? I love this prayer, written by Mary Carver. If you need help finding the words, or if you can’t think straight from all the paperwork you’ve had to fill out this week?, this is it.

A Prayer for My Daughter’s Teacher

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for my daughter’s teacher.
Thank you for the time she has spent preparing for this school year.
Thank you for the time she has given to decorating her classroom and
learning how to pronounce all the names and understanding any new guidelines or rules.
Thank you for the money she has spent on tissues and pencils
and granola bars for the kids who don’t have their own.
Thank you for the work she’s put into her own education,
for being a person who truly never stops learning.

God, I ask that you give my daughter’s teacher rest each night as she prepares for the year.
I ask that her rest be refreshing and enough to get her through each day, no matter what it brings.
I ask that you fortify her with a supportive principal, family and friends
(and maybe a stash of chocolate that lasts longer than she expected).

I pray that you give her teacher patience for the difficult days and difficult students
(and difficult parents.)
God, I ask you to give her eyes to see the root of any problems that show up in her classroom
and the wisdom to find solutions and not just band-aids.
And if my daughter is part of any of those problems, I pray that you give her teacher the words
to help or correct her and to inform me. (And I pray that we’d both receive that well.

God, I ask you to build a bond between my daughter and her teacher,
one that fosters trust and respect, one that leads to knowledge and growth and enrichment.
But I also pray that my daughter would not just learn facts and definitions and vocabulary words.
I pray that her teacher would build up values in my daughter and her classmates,
values like compassion and creativity, perseverance and kindness.

I’m asking, Lord, that — no matter her personality or preference –
my daughter’s teacher would find something in each of her students to appreciate.
I specifically pray that she would see and appreciate my daughter’s unique spirit.

God, I know that you have put my daughter together with her teacher for a reason.
Please help us show her respect and kindness as we do third grade together, as a team.
Help us be a blessing to her, rather than a challenge.
And if we are also a challenge at any point, please open our eyes with perspective and truth.

Thank you, God, for being sovereign and having plans for our good and your glory.

I pray all this in Jesus’ name,

Written by Mary Carver
Visit her blog here!