Come and See

“Watch me, Mommy!” “Come look!” “Mom, did you see that?!”

I can’t tell you how many times everyday I hear those phrases from my kids. As much as I’d sometimes rather finish whatever item I am trying to check off the to-do list instead of going to watch whatever new trick they’ve mastered, I love that my kids want me to share in their experience. They want me to see them and know them.

I also love that God wants us to know Him. He invites us to come near to Him, to study Him, and to know Him.

In this week’s study in He Is Alive, author Becky Kiser pointed out that Jesus invited the first disciples to “come and see” where He was staying and what He was doing. After spending time getting to know Jesus, those men invited their brothers and friends to “come and see” Jesus, too. (John 1:35-51)

The amazing thing is that we all receive the same invitation to come and see Jesus! God went to such great lengths to send His Son to earth and to die for us, so that we can know Him. What a joy and privilege! 

I wonder what Jesus would invite me to come and see today? Where is He at work around me? Are my eyes open and attentive to what He is doing?

And, how can I continually invite my kids to “come and see” this amazing God, too? Maybe it’s taking a few extra moments to examine bugs together on the driveway or to marvel at the sounds of all the birds returning to our yard at the first signs of spring. Maybe it’s praying together in the van on the way to school or baseball practice. How can I take advantage of these little, everyday moments to turn my eyes and my kids’ eyes toward all that God is doing in our lives?


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