Let’s Chat with Katherine from The Comfort Table

We love celebrating moms and coming alongside of moms so we are thrilled to announce a new feature on our blog called Let’s Chat. Once a month we are excited to welcome Katherine Salinas from The Comfort Table to share her practical ideas in motherhood, particularly related to book recommendations and recipes. We can’t wait to learn new things from her.

Without further ado, Katherine has prepared her first picture book recommendation list for us that is focused on Christmas! I loved the book ideas that she shared and learned of several new ones to add to our library here at home.

My Favorite Christmas Picture Books to Celebrate the Season


by Katherine Salinas 

Merry Christmas everyone!!  I hope you are taking the time to savor this season celebrating our Savior’s birth.  It can be startling how quickly the schedule escalates and suddenly you have a holiday event every night of the week!  In an effort to help you slow down, I’d like to give you my list of favorite picture books to curl up and read with your family.

A Few Tips Before We Start

  1. Sometimes when you have just 10 minutes, you talk yourself out of reading because you think you won’t have enough time.  But, that small amount of time can help everyone decompress from the busyness that creeps in.  Also, ten minutes is perfect to read about two picture books and create the desire to read more!  Use this as motivation for your next reading session.
  2. If you anticipate some resistance to reading, sit on the couch and just begin reading aloud.  Don’t ask!  You might be surprised how quickly they come to join you.
  3. Lastly, consider spreading books all around you (face out!), even unexpected places.  I have them in our family room, living room, bedrooms and even in our car for errands.  You might have to keep track better when returning to the library, but they will get a lot more use if kids can see the covers and are in places they naturally go.

Christmas Love Letters from God: Bible Stories A Christmas Prayer     The Crippled Lamb   The Tale of Three Trees : A Traditional Folktale by Angela Elwell Hunt (2001-01-01)

Christmas Love Letters from God by Glennys Nellist–This lovely book tells the progressive story of Christmas from Old Testament through New Testament as well as sharing little “notes” from God to your child.  “As you get ready to celebrate His birth this Christmas, I want you to remember something very important.  When you see all those twinkling lights around you, remember the best light of all is from Jesus.  He is the Light of the whole world.  Now that is really good news!  Love, God.”

A Christmas Prayer by Amy Parker–This sweet rhyming book is perfect for littler ones.  The story highlights each character central to the Christmas story and thanks God for them.  “Thank you, God, for Gabriel, who brought news of great joy.  He said to Mary, “God chose you to have His baby boy.  Thank you, God, for Gabriel, Your precious Christmas gift.”

The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado–This is certainly a popular one, beloved by many.  The story of a crippled lamb that is heartbroken to feel alone and left out.  His friend reminds him, “Don’t be sad, little Joshua.  God has a special place for those who feel left out.”  Beautiful illustrations and beautiful story.

The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Hunt–Though this story isn’t totally about Christmas, it includes it.  One of the most powerful descriptions of the sacrifice and spectacular love of Jesus.  I cannot make it through this small book without crying.

To read more of her recommendations (there are eight more on her post over on her blog that you don’t want to miss!), click here!

Thanks for sharing with us, Katherine!

(For more Christmas resources for kids, click here.)

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