God Is Our Safe Place to Hide


Last week my husband and I were out of the country for a work event when the President declared the travel ban. You could feel the tension and panic spike to a new level for all of the people needing to get home to their families. All I could think about was reuniting with my girls and making sure we were all together during this world crisis.

My husband and I thankfully had a flight already scheduled for the next day so we could get home for a family wedding. Our flight took off on time but not long after we got to 10,000 feet, the pilot told us we were headed into rough air. The next hour and a half we bounced up and down as if our airplane was a car on a bumpy road. 

At first I took it in stride, albeit a little nervous. But then after a while, the fear started to rattle me. Loud noises from the wind and people’s reactions as we hit the bumps only exacerbated the worry. Before I knew it, I was entertaining worst-case scenarios in my mind. I was replaying the last moments I had with my girls and wondering if those would be my last. I was legitimately scaring myself. 

I tried some deep breathing but that didn’t settle me. I prayed and asked God to give me some peace. It was then I knew reading something from the Bible was what I needed. I reached in my backpack and pulled it out. I had a verse rolling around in my head but couldn’t remember the exact wording and knew I needed to lock my brain in on some truth.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling.” Psalm 46:1-3 

I literally repeated that first line over and over in my head throughout the rest of the flight. God is our refuge. Our strength. He is a *very present help* in trouble. 

I also looked up the Message version – “God is a safe place to hide. Ready to help when we need Him.” I needed a safe place to hide.

I closed my eyes and pictured myself hiding under wings as big as eagles. Totally protected. Totally safe.

It reminded me of another of my favorite verses and one that comforted me during another scary time a couple of years ago:

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.” Psalm 91:4

Even when things feel out of control, God is reminding me that in Him, I can find my safe place. 

Thankfully all was well with the flight and we finally got back onto solid ground and home to our girls. But as I’ve thought about that situation since, I feel like God was preparing me for these overwhelming times ahead.

I admit, this coronavirus has frightened me a bit. All of the what-ifs have been popping into my head about this virus. I have felt overwhelmed by everything that has changed so quickly. And watching the news and scrolling my newsfeed have brought up more panic than peace. 

In these unsure moments when life feels out of control, I have been reminded where I must put my thoughts, emotions, and plans: Firmly in God’s hands. No one saw this pandemic coming but amazingly, God is not surprised. He is already there. And He has been there in so many other scary moments and will be there in the future ones too.

So mamas, what about if we together hold onto the truth right now that “God is a safe place to hide. Ready to help when we need him”?  Whether that’s in keeping your cool when you’re home with your kids 24/7, navigating homeschooling, or trying not to worry about the unknowns, God is there and ready to be of help. May we rest in that truth in the coming days.



About Michelle Warner

The truth about me is that I love spending time with people–whether it be with moms in MOPS, students in writing camps, friends in my supper club, or family on our patio. And if you combine people and words, I am definitely in my happy place. One of my most favorite moments is sitting around a table with the people I love sharing deep conversations about life. Inviting people into our home and pulling out my fancy dishes invigorates me, though tackling the hand-wash pile in my sink does quite the opposite. (Sorry, Hubby. I’ll get to those soon!) I’m learning to enjoy the people in my life without feeling the need to prove myself or always make them happy. God continues to teach me that when I find what I need in Him rather than the perfectly-cooked chicken or the perfectly-timed word, I have a security that can’t be shaken. And that’s a good thing since my hard-working husband and I have two very determined little girls who keep us on our toes!